Midwest Tape Privacy Policy

In order to better serve our customers, www.midwesttapes.com uses cookies. A cookie is a small piece of information that is planted in your browser. Our cookies contain an ID number that enables our website to identify a particular customer session. Our cookies do NOT store any other information. Information like passwords and customer/cart information are stored on our database server only and not as a cookie on your computer.

This site also now tracks both trends in ordering and individual trips through the site. We do this for the convenience of our customers and so that we can see what inventory we should carry. Many times we need to see an individual library's site visit in order to help them, and this tracking allows us to do so. Because all our customers order through a Purchase Order system and no billing or financial transactions occur through our website, we feel that this does not present a problem. We view our website as an ordering mechanism, the same as our printed catalog.

We will not sell your name or any other information about you to any third parties.